They say don't work with Children or Pets - but I disagree!  I love that since my son was born in 2014 I have a images to track his growth, how he has developed, his character, his gorgeous smile and that moment he looks at me - when my heart melts.

Children grow up so fast as we all know - and being able to have beautiful photos of your children to share with grand parents or even on your wall at home makes for memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Photographing children can be such fun - to get the best out of your session I try to create games to play, throwing leaves in the Autumn, treasure hunts, best smile competitions or family squishes and more! 

I will give you suggestions on what to bring to a session, snacks or change of clothes if need be - I am also happy to take it slow if children are shy and need a little time to settle or if baby needs feeding etc. I try to make the experience as relaxed and as enjoyable for all.